Seria, you’re such a tsundere.

  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it



What do you mean most people leave their rooms before noon

What do you mean most people leave their rooms

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why is this so hard for people to understand

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So I agreed to babysit tonight a few days ago and of course I would get a pretty bad headache before… Well when I got there I told her and she was like “well they can go to bed early” and then the youngest started being REALLY loud, so she put him to bed before she left and the older one and I just watched movies til she had to go to bed. So even though she makes me crazy she can be pretty nice sometimes

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Name: Leonie

Nickname: Leo, Lee

Birthday: January 16

Gender: female

Sexuality: Straight (except when it comes to Katie ;) )

Height: 5’3.5”

Time Zone: pacific

What time and date is it there: 9:15 ish 9-1-14

Average hours of sleep I get each night: 9-12?

Last thing I googled: WoW Armory

Most used phrase(s): ummmmmmm idk O.o

First word that comes to mind: tired

Last thing I said to a family member:  Umm the thing I just said to my husband (but don’t ask me what because that was like 10 minutes ago)

One place that makes me happy and why:  Home (GA) because I have my family

Favorite beverages:  Dr. Pepper

Last movie i watched in the cinema: Divergent

Three things I can’t live without: Wifi, a device to connect to wifi, and my family

Something I plan on learning: how to decorate cakes/cupcakes

A piece of advice for all my followers: Everyone should play brave frontier because it’s free and fun

You all have to listen to this song: idk listen to what makes you happy?

Blogs: theworldofldw and poundpups
but that one is kinda dead since I stopped volunteering (even though I’ve been cleared to go back, whoops)

I’m not going to tag anyone but please feel free to fill it out I like learning more about my followers

My biggest issue with monsters v aliens is AWHY DID SHE RUN IN THE DIRECTION THE METEOR WAS FALLING???? Like seriously, run towards the church and avoid all of this.


if we mutually follow each other there is a 350% chance i’ve started to type a really enthusiastic message into your ask box about how awesome you are but deleted it because it sounded creepy when i read it over for the 832nd time

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this is the most fucking embarrassing post on this entire fucking site please burn it immediately

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plot twist: you look in the mirror without criticizing yourself

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here are links to all sorts of helpful things that i have found and i hope you check it out. these are posted on my blog under the *distractions* link and is updated continually. if you have any websites that should be added, send me an ask! remember that i love you and i am always here!

having an anxiety attack?

calming background noise

do nothing and calm down

quietly calm down(quiet place)

90 second relaxation exercise

anxiety attack tips


Need distractions?


 paint a nebula 

make a painting

cut paper, not your skin (trigger warning: blood)

 the color game 

 100 things to do

 build stuff with sand

zen garden


Self Injury Recovery Masterpost

99 Coping Skills: Things to do Instead of Cutting


Warning Signs

Suicide Hotlines

Suicide Hotline (Text Chat)

How To Tell Tumblr That A User Is Threatening Suicide

What To Do If Your Friend Is Talking About Suicide

How To Help Someone Who Is Suicidal

What To Tell Someone Who Is Suicidal

AgainstSuicide on Twitter

Suicide Prevention

”It Gets Better” Video

Video To Anyone Thinking About Kill Themselves 

Reasons To Stay Alive (x x x)

if you need a hug

get stuff off your chest

words you need to hear

How To Be Okay With Yourself

Eating Disorders

bloating in recovery

 why you must eat 

 what is ED recovery?

 learning to love your body

 how to eat a fear food 

helping someone with an eating disorder

 281 reasons to recover 

30 Day Self Esteem Challenge

Need advice?
anonymous comfort

talk to me

DBT self soothing techniques

PTSD Forum: Self Care

ED Recovery: Self Soothing Techniques

telling people how you’re feeling 

how do i tell someone when im afraid?

  how to ask for help

Just need a pick-me-up?
the dreams room

27 videos that will make you happy


random acts of kindness caught on film

Here is a live kitten feed

Here is a live puppy feed

Here is a live penguin feed

Here is a live sea otter feed

Here is a live panda feed


for the girls who are starving

for the suicidal 

for the survivors of rape or abuse

for anyone who thinks they are worthless 

for the kids who cry themselves to sleep

for the self harmers 

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the number of times i think “i don’t care” while people are talking to me is really getting out of hand

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Warning to anyone who uses deviantART! [PLEASE REBLOG]



If you get a note like this from this guy, ignore it. Delete it. If you ask what his daughter likes, he’ll try sending you a very suspicious folder with random art in it, as well as a virus.


Please spread this around because someone who doesn’t know any better can really wind up getting screwed over. Thank you!

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you may look like a bride but you will never bring your family honor

one day when i try to get a boyfriend this will come back to bite me

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